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EKU Aviation partners with regional carriers

EKU Aviation seniors, Endeavor Air presentation

“EKU Aviation is working tirelessly to create a seamless pathway for their graduates to go directly from Richmond to the right seat of a regional air carrier as quickly as possible after graduation. As such, today marks the first of many  visits by regional air carriers to the Richmond campus. The goal is to make EKU the airline “feeder school of choice” for every regional air carrier in the US.”

April 4, 2014 – In keeping with EKU Aviation’s commitment to innovation and to be the premier aviation university in the U.S., on this date EKU aviation took another step to upgrade their already one-of-a-kind-proflight program. As the first of many EKU aviation industry partners, Endeavor Air was invited to Richmond today to make presentations to the program’s 2014 graduates as part of our annual college-to-careers day. Endeavor Air is the number one, wholly owned, regional carrier for Delta Airlines in Minneapolis, Minn.

Following a panel Q&A model, the Endeavor Air Human Resources staff members fielded questions from both EKU Aviation management and proflight students about career opportunities within their airline organization. Additionally, a recent EKU 2+2 partner, Somerset Community College, was invited to attend. Somerset’s Airframes and Power Plant (A&P) graduates can complement their 2-year associates technical degree with EKU's BS in Aviation - Aerospace Technology concentration. These A&P students represent a third product of the Kentucky aviation education system, of great interest to Endeavor Air, as well as to all other airlines.

As a step to give recent aviation graduates access to the same advantages of the revised aviation curriculum, EKU requested that Endeavor Air present them the new FAA 1,250- hour Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. On August 23rd, EKU aviation received a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the FAA to certify its proflight graduates as being eligible for their new “1000-hour power” R-ATP certificate. This allows EKU's proflight students, graduating under the revised 2012-13 catalog, to take their ATP check ride at 1,000 total hours instead of waiting until they reach the traditional 1,500 hours. However, students graduating under prior year catalogs were not eligible; and therefore, they were on the 1,500 hour ATP pathway.

Accordingly, EKU aviation submitted a supplemental request to the FAA and received a subsequent LOA to authorize old catalog graduates to receive a “1,250-hour power” certificate. The difference between the two certificates is the number of aviation course credits from eight FAA-specified topics offered in the respective curricula. According to the FAA, academic programs with 30+ credits can authorize their graduates for the 1,250 hour certificate; and those programs with 60+ credits can authorize their graduates for the 1000-hour power certificate. Accordingly, EKU aviation has modified its curriculum three times in three years to meet the emergent FAA academic changes.

As a follow on to this first step, EKU aviation has invited nine other regional airlines to the Richmond campus to create strategic alliances. Beginning in April, all airline partners will be invited to campus annually to

  1. Mentor our students,
  2. Conduct mock interviews,
  3. Begin the interview process before graduation, and
  4. Discuss the changing employment landscape for the airline industry.

Through this process, EKU Aviation is striving to create a seamless pathway from Richmond to an airline cockpit for all proflight graduates.

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Published on April 04, 2014

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