Transfer your Private Pilot Certificate

Earn your wings at EKUProfessional Flight Students

Earn your 'wings' at EKU!  The Professional Flight degree has two options - Single Engine Landing (SEL) and Multiengine Landing (MEL). Multiengine option students will fly approximately 100 multiengine hours, making them even more competitive in the job market.

Professional flight students receive FAA flight certification as a Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot with a single engine and multiengine rating, and Instructor Pilot with a single engine, multiengine, and instrument rating. Additionally, professional flight students receive a world class aviation education in multiple areas of aviation organizational leadership to better prepare them for flying careers in the aerospace industry.

Transfer Your Private Pilot Certificate

Transfer your private pilot certificate using our credit by examination process. New students who wish to receive college credit for their non-university part 61 or 141 syllabus-based private pilot certificate, may apply for university credit.

This process requires an application, payment of a transcription fee, and passing a university written exam with 80 percent or higher. Upon successful completion of this exam, the student will receive four university credits for AVN 192 – Private Pilot.

Transfer students with a private pilot certificate also use the credit by examination process and apply to receive university credit for flight lab courses AVN 192A and 193A. Upon successful completion of a private pilot progress check, two additional university credits will be awarded for these two degree requirements. 

Other flight hours or ratings are not accepted at this time. FAR 141.77  (3) states that 25 percent of part 61 flight hour training may be accepted by 141 schools but applies only to non-university flight schools. In addition to FAR requirements, university aviation programs are also subject to regional accreditation guidelines.