Aviation Flight Fees

Flight Fees 2016-2017

Flight fees are based on estimated usage of instructor time and planes and are listed below.  Specifically, flight fees cover aircraft rental and flight instructor compensation for 20-25 flight hours for each flight lab, the FAA written exam, and the end of course (EOC) check ride fees by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). These fees DO NOT cover the cost of extra time (ET) flights necessary to progress to the next level of airmanship or mandatory flight insurance fees. At course end, final charges are adjusted to actual usage and may result in refunds or additional charges.

Private Pilot

AVN 161/192 - Private Pilot-SEL Ground $   390
AVN 161A/192A - Private Pilot-SEL Flight I $ 4,025
AVN 162A/193A - Private Pilot-SEL Flight II $ 4,200
Total Private Pilot $8,615

Instrument Rating

AVN 220 - Instrument Pilot SEL Ground $   950
AVN 221A - Instrument Pilot SEL Flight I $ 4,900
AVN 222A - Instrument Pilot SEL Flight II $ 5,300
Total Instrument Rating $11,150


AVN 305 - Multi-Engine Ground $   480
AVN 305A - Private Pilot Multi-Engine Flight $ 7,100
Total Multi-Engine $7,580


AVN 300 - Commercial Pilot-Ground $ 1,030
AVN 331A - Commercial Pilot-MEL Flight I $ 5,710
AVN 332A - Commercial Pilot-MEL Flight II $ 6,700
AVN 333A - Commercial Pilot-MEL Flight III $ 3,400
AVN 334A - Commercial Pilot-MEL Flight IV $ 7,505
Total Commercial $24,345
Degree Requirements*** $51,690

Certified Flight Instructor

AVN 415 - CFI Ground $   300
AVN 416A - Commercial CFI SEL $ 5,920
AVN 421 - CFII/MEI Ground $   150
AVN 421A - CFII SEL $ 3,000
AVN 423A - MEL $ 4,700
Total Certified Flight Instructor $14,070
University Insurance Fee*: $ 3,120
Flight Fee Total $68,880
Requirements for being released to fly at the Madison County Airport include:
  1. Register for course
  2. Payment of course fees
  3. Proof of medical certificate
  4. Proof of flight insurance
  5. Original U.S. birth certificate or TSA approval
  6. Passing result on drug test


  • The above course fees are in addition to regular tuition, housing, books, meals, etc.
  • EKU requires an additional $260.00 insurance fee for each FLIGHT course (courses ending in A).
  • Program Total does not include: $260.00 insurance fee per flight course, personal flight insurance, flight physical for Medical Certificate, or navigation publications.
  • For help in locating an approved flight-physical physician, visit Useful Links and click on “FAA Medical Examiner Locator”
  • Fees are an estimate. Some students will require more flight time while others will take less.

See the downloadable PDF flyer below...

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